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We focus on the three central fields of action in the CIO Advisory

The importance of information technology and its drivers in the company continues to rise rapidly against the background of new business opportunities through digitization and industry 4.0. By starting with other technologies such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Social Media, Mobility / Connectivity and Cloud Computing, new products and services, as well as business models, processes and value chains emerge. This development and changing expectations of the enterprises put IT departments under pressure to rethink their existing operating models and set-up.

The CIO team has to overcome a very difficult balancing act: on the one hand, the business lines expect IT in the context of digital transformation to implement important innovations quickly and dynamically with unchanged attention to and performance in existing IT services and systems. They are to be offered solid, secure and cost-effective as a reliable backend for future digital services.

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Pandemic checkup for IT organizations

How to increase resilience of IT organizations based on COVID-19 learnings?


Pandemic checkup for IT organizations

In the current climate, the CIO and IT are in the spotlight, as they have an important part to play in securing business stability in the short term. In addition to ensuring the stability and security of services, applications and infrastructure in the face of the sharp rise in demand for home office work, the focus is on establishing solutions and approaches for remote work.

The particular challenge is to push these complex issues in parallel and under time pressure. In many cases, this has worked well thanks to fast and consistent action by IT managers - IT has literally kept the business alive. In many places, employees and managers have become accustomed to the changed working environment and can also take positive advantage of it.

However, problems have also become apparent in many places, some of which have been solved in a makeshift manner. It is therefore important in the current phase, after the initial stabilization, to exploit the momentum and draw the right conclusions from the crisis in order to make IT more resilient for the future.

Our approach to Pandemic checkup for IT organizations is to carry out a structured evaluation or analysis of the crisis-relevant areas. After the analysis, the fields of action become transparent and the necessary measures are derived. This way the basis for a sustainable crisis-proof organization can be created within a 4-8 week project! We would be happy to explain our structured approach to you in a personal exchange - an introduction to the topic with the challenges mentioned and initial approaches to solving them can be found in our e-booklet.

4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Pandemic checkup for IT organizations
  • Introduction
  • Challenges
  • Approach for more resilient IT organizations
  • Proposed project planning

Key factors of successful CIOs

Insight into the working world of CIOs at major German companies


Key factors of successful CIOs

In today's digital age, the role of the CIO is at a crossroads: do CIOs manage to meet the challenges and requirements of digitization and thus continue to gain influence implicitly and explicitly? Or is the role evolving back to its origins due to the failure to meet the requirements, and CIOs are once again operating in the task and responsibility set of an "IT manager"?
But how do CIOs manage to meet the challenges and, above all, how can their work be measured and assessed? In practice, the question of successful action in top management positions is answered in a simplified way with the (further) "commissioning" of the manager, i.e., if the work is successful, a contractual extension of employment can be assumed, which is reflected in the length of stay in the position. There is also robust scientific evidence: Those who are successful stay in the position for a long time, and those who stay in the position for a long time are successful.
However, if we look at the length of time CIOs stay in their position in Germany, we find that the average length of stay is rather short, especially compared to other C-level positions. The CIO community therefore not only has to meet the challenges of digitization and resolve the associated issues of tasks and responsibilities, but also faces a very critical appraisal of its own performance by executive boards.
Our study "Key Factors of Successful CIOs" now provides the first detailed and comprehensive insight into the working environment of CIOs at major German companies. We analyzed 384 CIO profiles from the "Top 500" companies in Germany. We also personally interviewed 60 successful CIOs about their experiences and views. You can get an overview of our key findings in this recent article in the "CIO Magazin".

If you have any questions about the study, feel free to network with our experts Martin Stephany and Markus Matschi.

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